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Giant Pleomorphic Adenoma Parotid Gland

22cm x 14cmx 10cm, and weighed 2.0 Kg parotid adenoma removed without complication

A  60-year-old woman presented to the Department of ENT, Nadiyad civil Hospital, Gujarat, India, complaining of a tumor on the right side of the face for more 15 years. On clinical examination, we  showed a giant, firm, multinodular, irregular and painless mass on the right side of the face; measuring approximately 22 cm of there were no signs of facial nerve palsy. The skin that covered the lesion was free.  FNAC suggested pleomorphic adenoma. CT Scan suggested possibility of benign lesion.  general anesthesia, it was performed a right superficial parotidectomy and complete removal of the tumor en bloc.  (Figure: 2) The postoperative course was uneventful. Macroscopically, the removed mass measured 22cm x 14cm x 10cm, and weighed 2.0 Kg. Microscopically the final diagnosis was of pleomorphic adenoma. The patient presented excellent aesthetic and functional results, without signs of facial nerve palsy)