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Laser Surgery

CO2 laser is primarily suited for transoral resections of premalignant and early oral carcinomas.

Morphological and functional recovery following laser surgery is superior when compared with conventional cold instrumentation surgery and electrocautery

The advantages of this approach include minimal damage to adjacent tissue, delayed acute inflammatory reaction and reduced myofibroblast activity, leading to reduced wound contraction and scarring. Reduction of collagen in the postoperative phase maintains soft tissue movement. The laser-treated area can be left exposed to granulate, thus obviating any need for skin grafting or wound dressing

Laser Surgery
Laser Surgery
Laser Surgery
Laser Surgery

Since dissection usually follows the approach of ‘en block’ removal of tumour tissue, rather than anatomically based dissection, more normal oral tissues can be preserved. This results in greater preservation of oral function such as swallowing and speech…etc.

When laser is used, the operating time is reduced. Patients require a shorter hospital stay. The laser procedure is thus cost-effective. Should there be a recurrence or malignant transformation, laser can be used again. Laser usage also does not impose any limitations to implementing multi-modal management with conventional surgery, chemo-radiation and/or photodynamic therapy.

Performed more than 500Laser surgeries for premalignant and malignant lesion of oral cavity, pharynx and larynx.