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Vascular Tumour Surgery

The incidence of venous malformation is approximately 1:5,000-10,000; approximately 40% of them occur in the head and neck regions. The vast majority of these malformations are sporadic and more commonly occur in the mouth, airway tract and muscle .Venous malformation is not only disfiguring but is also usually associated with complications, such as pain, ulcers, bleeding, and the compression or invasion of adjacent structures. These complications have severe impact on speech, swallowing, and respiratory function and may even lead to death due to bleeding and suffocation

The location of the venous malformation can be superficial or deep, and they can involve single or multiple anatomical sites. The commonly affected sites include the cheek, neck, eyelids, lips, tongue, soft palate, parapharyngeal space, and floor of the mouth. The color of the skin or mucous membrane may be normal or appear blue or dark purple when the entire dermis is involved. The boundary is not clearly defined, and the lesion is soft, compressible and occasionally phlebolith can be palpated. When a child is crying or the patient lowering his/her head below the heart level, the lesion is significantly congested with venous blood and enlarged.

Vascular Tumour Surgery
Vascular Tumour Surgery

Venous malformations occurring in superficial areas are usually easy to diagnose by clinical examination. However, for those lesions that are deep in the face and neck, it is sometimes difficult to make a correct diagnosis through clinical examination alone. Imaging studies using B ultrasound (US), CT, MRI are the best diagnostic scans.

There are various kinds of treatment methods for venous malformation, including surgery, sclerotherapy, laser therapy, cryotherapy, electrocoagulation treatment, and treatment with copper needles. All of these methods have advantages and disadvantages

Performed more than 50 thyroid surgeries for benign Vascular swelling in paediatric and adult patient.

5 revision surgeries performed for vascular tumour.